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What should I do if I still haven’t received my order?

There’s of course a risk of orders getting lost in the international mail system, but the chance of it is very low (below 1%). We are proud to offer you a guaranteed delivery – in the improbable event that your order doesn’t reach you, we will re-ship it or we will give you a refund, provided that you supplied correct delivery details when making an order. This will happen if your order still hasn’t reach you after 5 days since it’s been sent from our side. If there are still any delivery-related questions you want to ask, which are not answered on our site, please feel free to get in touch with us.

What should I do if my order is partially missing?

The most probably cause of you missing some of the ordered pills is that those were shipped to you in a separate package and are to arrive within the next couple of days. If that is not the case, please do let us know so that we could investigate the issue and re-send you the missing medicines if applicable.

What should I do if my order is delayed by customs?

Should it happen so that your order is held up at customs, causing you not to receive it, please do let us know so that we could either re-ship it at our expense or refund you the amount paid (if you prefer not to wait).

How are the orders sent?

We highly value your trust and understand your confidentiality and anonymity concerns when placing an online order, that’s why we will always send you the products in discreet packages, the outside of which doesn’t contain any information about the package contents.

Do you provide worldwide shipping?

We ship to most countries worldwide. When you check-out your order and provide your address to us, you will see the full list of countries eligible for shipping.